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Tile Repair Project

This project was done by another local Missoula "credible" tile contractor three years ago. This is a million dollar home on Spanish Peaks Drive in Missoula, MT. This was a brand new home and the tile contractor did not install the tile correctly. Now only three years later, John with The Tile Smith was hired to repair the tile project. This project is now going to cost the homeowner over $25,000 to repair. There is more to it then just setting the tile. Unfortunately this happens far to often. About 40% of the projects I take on are tile repair from improperly installed tile.  Please do not cut corners on your tile installation. The damage that can be done is far more expensive and time consuming. I cannot stress enough how important it is to hire an "Experienced" Tile Contractor. At The Tile Smith we guarantee that our installation projects will last a lifetime. I John, owner of The Tile Smith, will give you a fair price for your tile project needs and make sure the project is done properly and up to code.


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